Good News Jail and Prison Ministry

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry: Founded in 1961 in Richmond, VA. We currently serve in 23 states and 22 countries. GNJ&PM began at the Salt Lake Co. Metro Jail in 2003. We are the only full-time Christian chaplains serving inside a facility in Utah. Since that time, over 172,000 inmates have attended bible classes, many thousands of bibles, studies, and Christian books have been distributed; and thousands of personal counseling sessions have taken place. We serve the correctional staff, as well, in many capacities.
Steph, Let me know if this is enough info, or too much. Perhaps include the website ( for those interested in learning more. 
On another note … how about we change the focus/title from leadership to ‘servantship’. Just a thought. :>)
Don Dickey is preaching next Sunday.
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