God is relational, and God is love and the source of love. God invites us to be one as He is One (John 17).   Eternal life is knowing, trusting and loving Him in a close personal relationship.  Every relationship requires communication. The greater the communication the deeper the relationship. Talking and listing to him as a Friend in prayer is a great privilege.  

Prayer is an important part of growing our relationship with God and with each other. Our Prayer Ministry provides opportunities to practice and receive prayer.  If you need Prayer, please reach out to us. Prayer requests are received in person and by email at  All are welcome on Sunday as we pray before Service at 9:30 begins, and we offer individual prayer at end of service. We meet Tuesday for Corporate Worship and Prayer with Roi House of Prayer (schedule is at If you enjoy praying with and for others or want to grow in prayer, please contact Don Dickey or send email to ( or